About Us

We are Bulls and Bears, professional traders in the financial markets. Our founder Petar Lavov is a professional trader with over 12 years in the financial markets, also has an academic Master's degree diploma in theory and practice of currency trading. Lavov also worked as a dealer and trader for a big investment company. Petar decided to create Bulls and Bears before 3 years. On the main website(click here) of Bulls and Bears, you can find trading systems, educations, market analysis, and etc. 

This is our special website for providing trading signals from an exposed bank position. Our main go is to help you to increase your profit in the financial markets. We offer Free and Paid plans. In you FREE plan you will receive 1 signal a day. If you choose the paid plan you will receive 6+ signals for trading. We are monitoring more than 120 financial instruments. Try out our signal platform!

Who prepares the signals?

Our team of Masters in Forex Trading and Capital Markets prepares the signals and provides the best ones.

Petar Lavov

CEO of Bulls and Bears

Petar Lavov's Master Degree Diploma

Master of currency trading with over 12 years of experience